About Shan

Trading from my on line shop will temporarily cease as Shan is relocating to Hong Kong. Once She has established a new studio location business will resume.

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Shan Annabelle Valla is an award winning independent designer specializing in luxury interior accessories and commissioned art works.

Shans porcelain collection ranges from functional products to playfully decorative curiosities that put a subtle twist on the everyday. Inspired by the familiar, objects are taken and transformed into something new. A playful approach to product development naturally evolves, resulting in a collection that is ever growing.

In glass Shan creates one off pieces, commissioned art works and installations. Working with hand-blown furnace glass as well as lamp-worked glass traditionally associated with scientific glass-making.

Inspired by unseen beauty the Glass Garden series reinvents the hidden world of the undergrowth in cluster of twisted and distorted stem like branches. Recreating beheaded stalks of roses in hand-worked glass, Shan finds this discarded part of the flower more interesting and unexpectedly beautiful than the flower itself.

Bud Vase captures a flower within a hug bubble of glass, the beautiful details of the flowers stems are highlighted  an element most often neglected.

Shans work is led by her understanding of materials, resulting in a delicate understated beauty that defines her style. Honesty of material is paramount, attempting to exploit the beauty that is often overlooked.

All of Shan’s  pieces are designed and made in London, either by herself, or carefully selected artisans.


Shan Annabelle Valla