Shan is happy to work on Bespoke projects, so please get in touch if you have something in mind these will be looked at on an individual basis.

Previous clients Shan has calaborated with are:


Barts and the London NHS Trust recently installed in the Chemotherapy Department are three new interrelated commissions that each explore light, shadow and reflection while striving to bring echoes of the natural world into the hospital. This ensemble of works, which includes glass, porcelain, gilding, and silver leaf brings a restrained elegance and calm to the department with transparent, white, or highly reflective surfaces throughout.

Stems, 2010  Glass,silver gilt and porcelain
For the entrance of the Chemotherapy Department, Shan Valla has made a work of soaring glass branches. Nestled at the base of a mini forest of transparent and silver stems stand a pair of gilded porcelain birds.



Shan was recently commissioned by Selfridges  to create some products for their Project Ocean – a 5 week campaign to raise awearness about the over fishing of the seas.

Shan made 400 porcelain fish. Each fish was hand-made and hand-decorated making them all a little bit different, a bit like the real fish in the sea


Waddeston Manor

Shan was commissioned to design and produce some products for the National Trust Shop at Waddeston Manor

Button Earings, hand cast porcelain button earings with silver backs.

‘Thorn Vase’, a set of 3 vases to be used to hold flowers in a simple glass….adding elegance to the everyday.