Slip Cast Ceramics

Having trained in ceramics and glass through her BA as well as her Masters degree at the Royal College, Shans interests lie in the material qualities of porcelain, as well as the production processes. Her silp cast porcelain pieces explore a relationship between manufacturing and the hand made. Shan often leaves the porcelain surfaces raw and unglazed, and when working with colour it is embedded in the body of the porcelain, rather than being applied as an extra surface on top. The marks made by the mould are left on each piece,  adding  a touch of individual character to these batch produced products.

The matt characteristic of  porcelain  is perfect for picking up textured details and patterns.

Smallembellished  details are hand painted with 22ct gold paint decoration.

Every piece is made in london, either by Shan or specialist artisans who hand finish each product.